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Omschrijving:DO-217 E3/E4/E5
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DO-217 E3/E4/E5.

An enlarged version of the Do.17, the 217 first flew in August 1938. Following production of a limited number of A and C versions, the first mass-produced version, the Do.217E, only started coming off the factory lines in 1940: it differed from its predecessors largely on account of the deeper fuselage and higher-capacity bomb bay. The E-4 variant - featuring BMW 801C engines and, often, wire cutters to get it past barrage balloons – was heavy and tricky to fly yet was a mature warplane: it was used extensively on the western front to bomb both ground targets and shipping. The E-4 was also used to lay mines along allied shipping routes. The Do.217 continued to evolve for some years, yet it was the E version that proved to be the most memorable “specialized bomber.

Product Features
Precisely detailed static display model built with high quality injection molded polystyrene parts.
Exquisitely scribed surface details.
Tandem cockpit with control panel.
Clear greenhouse canopy and bomber nose.
Gondola with gunner's station under the fuselage.
Realistically molded landing gear.
Separate elevators, rudders, and ailerons.
Realistically molded external stores.
Waterslide decals.
Illustrated assembly guide.
Product Specifications
Scale: 1:72
Length: 6-7/8" (173mm)
Wingspan: 10-3/4" (273mm)

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