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Omschrijving:Volkswagen Cabrio 1303S
Prijs:€ 29.95


Volkswagen Cabrio 1303S.

In August 1972, the Volkswagen Beetle 1303S Cabriolet appeared as the 1303/1303S model after the large integrated tail lamps, bulged front hood, interior, and other features were improved based on the 1302 model, which first appeared in August 1970. Thanks to its pretty body style and strength, the 1303S Cabriolet soon became popular and remains popular under the name Beetle. Additionally, on aspects of safety, habitability, and economic efficiency, which Beetle ensures, the 1303S Cabriolet is loved by many fans around the world because of the conventional reliability of Volkswagen, which was manufactured at the Karmann plant until the Golf Cabriolet appearance in 1979.

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