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Omschrijving:Cockpit SX 9 9 Kanaals zender met DR 9 2.4GHz
Prijs:€ 479.90 € 429.00


Cockpit SX 9 9 Kanaals zender met DR 9 2.4GHz

Software features
Smartphone-like operation: clear, efficiently organised menu structure
Model Assistant guides you through the programming procedure
Slide function e.g. adjustment of COLLECTIVE PITCH CURVES by touching and pulling
Pre-defined templates for virtually all current types of fixed-wing model aircraft and helicopter
Intelligent speech output D / E / F
Spoken telemetry data, warnings, alarms and vario signal via loudspeaker or earphone
Real-time data transmission
Optional sensors (Vario, GPS, fuel, temperature, voltage, current, rpm and much more)
Vibration alarm, plus warning LEDs for critical alarms
Digital trims, flight phase specific
Can be switched off for helicopter gyro systems and MULTICOPTERS
Three timers with speech output
Freely variable transmitter stick mode (aileron, elevator, rudder, throttle, spoiler)
Numerous servo adjustments (travel, limit, reverse, centre)
Dual Rate and Expo, separately variable for each flight phase
3 flight phases (fixed-wing)
4 flight phases (heli)
Heli THROTTLE and collective pitch curves (9 points), variable separately for each flight phase
Aileron differential, variable separately for each flight phase
Butterfly (Crow) function
Wireless Trainer mode operation possible with optional COPILOT
Multi-function USB socket
SD card for model data storage - 200 model memories
Model copy function

Set contents
9-channel transmitter
RX-9-DR M-LINK receiver
charge lead (USB A-plug to USB mini-B 5-pin)

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