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Omschrijving:Massey Ferguson 2680 in 1:24
Prijs:€ 29.95


Massey Ferguson 2680 in 1:24

A classic 80s tractor to assemble and paint, with the ability to display moving parts such as front axle, wheels and driver's door.

The growing trend towards winter cereals has made autumn a peak period. Seedings should be prepared more quickly. Operating conditions are difficult.
Hence the need for more and more powerful tractors, more and more reliable, simplified everyday use, and equipped with essential comfort for long working days. It is to meet this need that Massey Ferguson designed and developed in the late seventies, in France, in the varied and often difficult farming conditions, the tractors of the 2000 series.
The improvements in hydraulics and the choice of the four-wheel-drive system have seen the development of advanced and increasingly robust machines, power wheels, PTO, lifting, allowing to use all modern instruments and machines.
The MF 2680 Turbo with 125 hp DIN 4WD is a versatile tool whose overall design reduces and simplifies parts maintenance or replacement.
Finally, the cabin integrated steering wheel adjustable in height and inclination is equipped with heating and air conditioning.

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