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Merk:Nine Eagles
Omschrijving:Galaxy Visitor 2 FTR RTF 2,4 GHz M2 NE2528FTR
Prijs:€ 119.00 € 49.90


Galaxy Visitor 2 FTR RTF 2,4 GHz M2 NE2528FTR.

Delivery High-End mini-quadrocopter, completely factory-assembled and set up, ready to fly LiPo battery, 3.7 V / 350 mAh with polarised connector USB battery charger 2.4 GHz four-channel transmitter, Mode 2 (mode change not possible) 4 AA-size dry cells 4 replacement propellers Propeller guard rings Screwdriver Comprehensive operating and flying instructions Specifications Length approx.: 102 mm All-up weight approx.: 43 g Main rotor diameter approx.: 56 mm RC functions Pitch-axis Roll-axis Yaw Climb/descent Auxiliary working systems Product Details The highly developed nine-way gyro and stabilising system supplied as standard will delight the beginner and advanced pilot in equal measure. It features a total of nine sensors for optimum stabilisation: triple-axis gyro + triple-axis accelerometer + triple-axis field strength sensor. Two flight modes can be selected at the transmitter. In Beginner mode the Galaxy Visitor 2 is extremely stable, and responds in a docile manner to flight commands - ideal for learning the skill of controlling a quadrocopter. In Agility mode the model's agility and flying characteristics are faster, more direct and more accurate; the advanced pilot will never find the model boring in this mode. If you enjoy a splash of colour, you can fit the optional interchangeable housing parts in various colours to give your GALAXY VISITOR 2 an individual accent. The navigation lights fitted as standard supply cool lighting effects, and help in orientating the model. The GALAXY VISITOR 2 includes the following advanced special functions: `Headless Flight`-function For normal control of a radio-controlled helicopter the direction of control is always from the point of view of the model, i.e. forward, back, right and left refer to the model's direction of flight, or the pilot's view `in the model`. The drawback to this is the necessity to re-think your commands when the model is flying towards you. Right and left for the pilot `in the model` are now exactly the opposite of those for the pilot holding the RC system transmitter. This `conventional flight mode` is difficult to master, especially for the beginner who is just making a start. In the case of a quadrocopter there is an additional difficulty: the symmetrical overall shape makes it slightly more difficult to pick up where 'front' and 'back' are on the model. For this reason the GALAXY VISITOR 2 includes an `Intelligent Control Mode`. When the model is operated in this control mode, all directions refer to the pilot holding the RC system transmitter. This means that the model always flies towards the pilot if he moves the pitch-axis stick back (towards himself), and always away from the pilot if the pitch-axis stick is moved forward. Right and left are now always exactly the same with reference to the pilot. The direction in which the actual front of the quadrocopter is pointing is not relevant. `Auto-Return` function The effect of the Auto-Return function is to cause the model to return to the pilot automatically and immediately, regardless of its attitude. Simply press the AUX 1 button on the transmitter to trigger the Auto-Return function. It makes no difference which flight mode is currently selected. `Auto Brake` function The GALAXY VISITOR 2 has an automatic brake function. If you abruptly release the roll / pitch-axis stick while the model is flying forward, its forward speed is automatically reduced until it comes to a hover. This function can be useful in avoiding collisions with obstacles. Futaba Transmitter Ready (FTR) The GALAXY VISITOR 2's 2.4 GHz radio control system operates according to the FTR standard (Futaba Transmitter Ready). This means that the transmitter and receiver exploit the Futaba S-FHSS code, and are therefore compatible with Futaba S-FHSS radio control systems. As a result the GALAXY VISITOR 2 can also be flown with any high-quality Futaba S-FHSS radio control system – ideal for all modellers moving up and changing over.

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