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Merk:The World Models
Omschrijving:ESM Iconic Model Airplane (130cm, 2kg, 600W)
Prijs:€ 169.00


ESM Iconic Model Airplane (130cm, 2kg, 600W).

ESM Iconic EP Electric Power Airplane
Wing span (spanwijdte) 1296 mm 51 inch
Length 1345 mm 53 inch
Flying weight 1.9 kg 4.2 lbs
Radio 4 - 5 channels, 4 servos + ESC
Engine Brushless (elektro) 600 - 700 Watt Brushless

Wing area 31 dm2 3.3 sq.ft
Wing loading 61.3 gr/dm2 20.1 oz/sq.ft
Flying weight 1.9 kg 4.2 lbs
Radio 4 - 5 channels, 4 servos (2 aileron, rudder, elevator) and ESC
Engine Brushless (elektro) Brushless: FC4250-07 or FC3548-05
Options -
Documentation Assembly Manual

About the Iconic EP and XL... Based on the globally successful Adrenaline 1.20, the Iconic EP and XL are superb aerobatic models. Using the same construction techniques as its big brother, the Iconic has a moulded composite fuselage with Airex stiffeners and built up wings and tailplane parts for lightness. All surfaces are sprayed and sealed with eye catching graphics. No more film lifting or graphics peeling with this model!

Both the EP and XL can be powered by either electric or i.c. The EP comes with a brushless motor mount, whilst the XL is supplied with a fuel tank and engine mount. Apart from the obvious size difference the EP has a fatter slightly larger wing in comparison to its fuselage, whilst the XL is more the Adrenaline in wing section and proportions.

Most small aerobatic models are quite flimsy in their construction, and can get easily damaged both in use and whilst being transported. Not so with these models, with their robust construction and tough covering, ideal as a winter hack or to throw in the car for those lovely Summer evenings.

Engine FC4250-07 or FC3548-05
ESC Pentium-60A or Dynam 70A
Spinner Alu/Carbon Spinner
Propeller 13x6.5E or 14x6E
Pilot Select a pilot if required (mounting place to be created by customer)
Landing gear Included
4 x torque 5kg-cm e.g. SM-S4306B Generic Analog (5.6 kg / 0.18 sec / 45 gr)

or SM-S4405B Generic High Speed Digital (4.8 kg / 0.10 sec / 40 gr)

Extension Wires 2 x 45cm
Power Switches
1 x receiver switch (included with UBEC 8A)

1 for the motor / receiver / servos

e.g. LiPo 3S or 4S 2100 - 2500 mAh

1 x Voltage Regulator 8 - 15A for the receiver and servos if not present in the ESC.

Receiver 1 x receiver and transmitter

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