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Omschrijving:DPSI 2001 RV Version 2014
Prijs:€ 239.00 € 236.95


DPSI 2001 RV Version 2014

•Battery Switch (Dual Power Supply) for 5/6 cell NiCad/NiMH, as well as LiIon/LiPo/LiFePO4 batteries
•New: Regulated output voltage for receiver and servos selectable 6.0V, 6.6V or 7.2V.
•42 capacitors for efficient protection against over voltage peaks through the so called "dynamo effect" of high performance servos
•An additional output (MPX connectors) providing the unregulated battery voltage for consumers with e. g. 7.4 volts (servos, pumps)
•Current distribution of 10 receiver channels to 26 servos
•Dual electronically on/off switch without any influence of the micro controller (CSHC) and therefore extreme reliable
•HF interference suppression
•Servo pulse amplification for signals from approx. 1.6V
•Intelligent voltage monitoring including optically and acoustically error indication
•Suitable to all battery types due to low drop out technology
•The used battery type can easily be programmed (and therefore the correct low voltage detection)

Delivery includes switch actuator, MPX high current connectors, mounting parts, operation instructions.

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