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Omschrijving:Bid chip zonder kabel
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Bid chip without cable.

A vast array of different battery types is now available to the modeller, and the range is constantly growing larger; the problem is that each battery type requires its charge process.
The usual solutions to this are familiar to all of us: either a large number of individual battery chargers, or a universal battery charger - a popular option.
Of course, these universal chargers must be set correctly to suit each battery type, and it is necessary to define the cell count, charge current, discharge current etc. manually.
It is very easy to lose track of things, forget how to change the settings, or - in the worst case - charge a battery using the wrong settings.

Which of us hasn´t made this mistake: you need to top up some battery or other in a hurry,
you switch the system on with the wrong settings - and in a moment your valuable battery is damaged, or perhaps even ruined.
The revolutionary BID system from robbe now offers an ingenious solution to this problem.
BID system stands for Battery IDentification System.
A small, lightweight BID chip is assigned to each battery;
the chip stores all the relevant data for charging and discharging that pack perfectly.

When the battery is to be charged or discharged, the BID chip and the battery are connected using a BID battery charger,
and the BID system informs the charger of the required parameters.

Press the Start button, and the charge or discharge process begins.
The special advantages of the BID system are as follows:
no tiresome searching through menus for the set-up parameters,
maximum protection from mis-handling,
and storing of the relevant battery data in the BID chip.

The BID chip is so small and light (0.5 g) that it can be attached to the battery itself, or fitted inside the heat-shrink sleeve.
Sockets at both ends ensure simple handling, and save the weight of extra cables.
Dimensions: 11.7x14.2x3 mm

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