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Omschrijving:HELIOS B6 • AC • 50W • 6A
Prijs:€ 29.95


HELIOS B6 • AC • 50W • 6A

The charger is designed to operate at the power outlet (AC 230 V). The charging current can be adjusted from 1 to 6 A in steps of 1 A at a maximum of 50 W charging power. An integrated balancer balances the individual cell voltages of lithium batteries to each other. The charger can handle battery packs of four to eight nickel or two to four lithium cells. The housing is made of tough plastic. As an accessory, a power cord with Euro connector and a t-plug charging cable are included (compatible with Deans Ultra Plug). In order to ensure compliance with all regulations such as CE, several devices are randomly tested independently by the SLG testing and certification GmbH in Germany from each series.

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