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Omschrijving:LiPo Checker 1-8s LiXX NiXX ESC servo tester balancer
Prijs:€ 9.95


LiPo Checker 1-8s LiXX NiXX ESC servo tester balancer

This must-have belongs in every charging box!
Balancer connectors of type JST EH or JST XH can be connected without adaptor directly to the Digital Battery Capacity Checker. The display shows either the total battery voltage, the individual cell voltages of lithium batteries (LiPo, LiHV, LiFe, Li-Ion) with 2-8S or the remaining battery capacity in percent. The measurement and the display of the individual cell voltages are continuous and not just static, as with very simple LiPo-Checkers, which perform a single measurement only after connecting the battery. Displaying the highest/lowest cell voltage or the voltage differences is possible. The device is also suitable for testing nickel batteries (NiMH, NiCd) with 2-4 cells. A balancer and even a discharge function for lithium batteries are integrated in the Digital Battery Capacity Checker. In addition, the device can be used to test servos and electronic speed controllers.

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