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Omschrijving:BELI-CONTACT Adhesive (40g)
Prijs:€ 7.90


BELI-CONTACT Adhesive (40g)

BELI-CONTACT is a new contact adhesive with all the old-fashioned properties from the "good old days" for maximal adhesive strength. •is ideally suited for rigid foams (PS, EPS, XPS like Styropor®, Depron® and similar), timer, paper, metal and many plastic materials.
•is ready for bonding after a very short flash-off time from 20 - 180 seconds (depends on the thickness of the applied glue).
BELI-CONTACT is "sufficiently" flashed off, when it is dry to the touch. Dry to the touch: adhesive does not string to the finger, but feels definitively tacky.
•achieves excellent adhesive strength - as in the "good old days"

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