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Omschrijving:POWER PEAK LI4 EQ-LCD
Prijs:€ 15.00


Power Peak Li4 EQ-LCD
High quality 12V fast charger with metal case, to charge 1-4 cell 3.7V LiPo batteries, with integrated equalizer and a large LCD Display showing voltage, current and capacity
After connecting the battery pack to the charger a recognition of the cell count takes place and therefore the charge cut-off voltage (4.2V/cell) is adjusted automatically
Operation mistakes with the cell count adjustment are almost impossible to make
The adjustment of the charge current can take place in wide range from 0.3-3A
The large LCD shows an overview of the current voltage and the charge current; likewise the charged capacity will also be displayed
The charging takes place using the well-known CC-CV method
When the charge cut-off voltage of 4.2V/cell has been reached, the battery pack will be charged at constant current
Thereafter the voltage will be kept at a constant level and the remainder of the charge takes place in the form of a falling power curve
The integrated equalizer automatically balances the voltage level of the individual cells during the charging process
The charger has an optical LED charge process indicator, that also indicates when the battery is 95% charged
By connecting the MAAS mains power supply unit, the charger can also be used with 230V mains supply and can be used as an inexpensive and universal 230V-AC as well as a 12V-DC charger

Input voltage: 11-15V
Output voltage: up to 16.8V
Charge termination: CC-CV, automatisch
Charge current: 0.3-3A
No. of cells: 1-4 LiIon- or LiPo cells

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